Why our clients choose us


Cindy Kh

We have two dogs and recently got a puppy nine months ago. One of our two dogs, didn’t get along with the pup and we needed intervention. Lesley showed me basic obedience training for our two dogs and also suggested useful ways to keep our two mentally stimulated with enrichment toys. Her guidance each week coupled with our own weekly home practise has now resulted in a happy doggy home where all three dogs get along well. I continue to employ the training tips that I learnt from Lesley. I loved that after each session with Lesley I got a follow up email recapping the main points of our session to act as a reminder. It’s a very useful tool. Highly recommend Lesley’s services employing force free techniques.

Jen Miller

We rescued a puppy that had been born on the streets. He had to learn everything from scratch and was so frightened of everything and everyone. With Lesley's help he learned basic commands, toilet training and to walk nicely on the lead...all things we thought were impossible when we first got him home! Lesley's calm and patient approach was exactly what we needed and we also realised that we had been trying to run before we could walk. By breaking each behaviour down, step by step, we achieved success.

Kayla Sherise

I asked Leslie to do a consultation because I wanted to know what I was doing right and what I needed to fix with my dog. I had Olive for about 2 years at that point but I wanted to know how I could make her happier and more confident. Leslie showed me a lot of tricks and tools and explained to me how they would work for Olive. I was skeptical of certain strategies in the past but once she explained them to me and how they would help my dog and her needs specifically, these strategies made sense. After 1 week I noticed a huge change in Olive's confidence and she's been improving ever since. I also know way more about how to help my foster dogs. It was definitely a pawsitive experience!

Kashif Feroz

Lesley was a god send for us. Her calm and loving nature with her force-free training method were highly effective for our puppy. Would highly recommend!!

Katie Oliver

Would highly recommend Lesley, professional, knowledgeable and a genuinely lovely person. Provided us with some brilliant techniques and advice to help us along our way with our rescue Goldie!

Thank you Lesley!

Irina Krasnova-Coxon

Simple and effective tips and exercises help us understand our dogs even better.